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                                                   Product description      
The climber is a revolutionary escalator for home use, designed to help people who have difficulty climbing up and down
the stairs in their home and/or their workplace

                                            The need of the product

Approximately 11% of the adult population (aged 20 and over) - especially those aged 65 and over - are unable to climb the stairs and must use a variety of expensive accessories.
In addition, about 13% of the adult population suffers from a variety of medical conditions that make it difficult for them to climb the stairs and increase the risk of falling the stairs during climbing.
A fall down in the stairs, especially at advanced ages, may impair long-term functioning and bring the injured person to a situation in which he requires close assistance at a high cost.
The solutions currently available in the market include expensive home elevators, a stairlift whose installation is complicated, and in other cases, the apartment is replaced by a one-level apartment.