The technology of CLIMBER o.d.e Ltd. Israel may prevent such accidents occurred in the New York subway

Climber Ltd. has developed a unique escalator for home use, the device is designed for independent people who are able to stand and walk, but climbing the stairs in their home is difficult for them. The device enables those people to continue their normal life in their beloved home. 

The patent pending device, called also CLIMBER, is not an additional type of stair lift or elevator intended for the disabled, but a simple and affordable device to be laid on the stairs without any screws, demolition or construction works in the building.

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We were all sorry to read the press release:

Many of the subway stations in the world are old, with no elevators. The digging of shafts for the installation of new elevators is almost impossible today.

The special technology of the CLIMBER allows it to be placed on the existing stairs on spot without any excavation and special construction work.

CLIMBER has a special model – the heavy duty SUPER-CLIMBER built to carry passengers with carts, wheelchairs or light loads.

Interested investors are welcome to take part in the development, production and marketing of this beautiful ventur which may prevent such accidents in the future.