A revolutionary solution to those who have stairs in the apartment and find it difficult to use them

Published on July 16, 2018

Climber Ltd. has developed a unique escalator for home use, the device is designed for independent people who are able to stand and walk, but climbing the stairs in their home is difficult for them.The device enables those people to continue their normal life in their beloved home.

Without this invention they would probably have to move to a flat apartment or reduce their life to one of the levels of the house.

The patent pending device, called also CLIMBER, is not an additional type of stairlift or elevator intended for the disabled, but a simple and affordable device to be laid on the stairs without any screws, demolition or construction works in the building.

We are proud to announce that we recently won a grant from the Israel Authority For Innovation in cooperation with the National Insurance Institute, which will finance a significant part of the activities of the coming year.

We thank the two organizations for their great trust in us and promise to make every effort to meet the goals we have set.

We are proud to announce that CLIMBER o.d.e Ltd. was selected to participate in MassChallenge Israel's 2019 accelerator program in Israel.